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Phoenix Domestic Violence Murder Defense Attorney

Domestic Violence Murder Defense in Phoenix, Arizona

In 2000, intimate partner homicides accounted for 33.5 percent of the murders of women and under 4 percent of the murders of men. (Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Data Brief, Intimate Partner Violence, 1993-2001, February 2003.)  Although as a technical legal matter, only a small number of homicides or murders in Phoenix are classified as domestic violence offenses, many of them nevertheless involve the very same underlying relationship between the defendant and the victim as is seen in less serious Phoenix domestic violence offenses.

Under Arizona law, a Phoenix domestic violence case involving homicide can be charged by the prosecution a number of different ways based on a wide variety of circumstances.  The most serious murder is first degree.  If convicted of first degree murder for an offence committed in Phoenix, Arizona the Defendant could receive the ultimate penalty - death.  Even if a death sentence is not imposed, the consequences are severe - live in prison.  When imposing a life sentence for first degree homicide in Phoenix, the court has the discretion of allowing the person to seek parole after 25 years of the prison sentence have been served.  If the sentencing judge does not allow the person to seek parole, they will never be eligible for release.  This sentence is often referred to as a natural live sentence.

Other Phoenix domestic violence homicide crimes include Murder in the second degree, manslaughter, and negligent homicide.  Again, depending on the facts of each case and what charges are filed by the prosecution, the penalties could range anywhere from a 22 year prison sentence, all the way down to probation.

Phoenix Murder Defense Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been charged or is even under investigation in connection with the death of a partner, spouse, or family member in Phoenix, you need qualified domestic violence attorney involved in your case.

When charged or arrested for domestic violence homicide, it is critical that you consult a seasoned Phoenix murder attorney immediately. An experienced Phoenix domestic violence homicide defense lawyer like Joshua S. Davidson will fight for you and put his experience as a former felony prosecutor to work for you.  He is a Phoenix murder attorney who will seek the best possible outcome for your case and protect your rights.

Joshua S. Davidson is an aggressive domestic violence defense lawyer who represents clients charged with homicide and murder in Phoenix, Arizona. Contact him today.

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